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Maurelhena Walles

Equity Design

We use physical activity programming to close the gap that exist between health and wealth, in communities that have the highest health disparities.

Eliana Cardeno

Kiyomi Beauty

Kiyomi Beauty Box curates and delivers K-Beauty essentials right to your doorstep, so you can test different items to determine what works best for you, while treating your skin the way it’s meant to be treated!

Jessica Canty

Proverbs 15:22 Personal Growth Coaching

We help working professionals transition from unfulfilling jobs to their dream careers, we provide a tailored work journal that coaches them daily towards a career they’re passionate about and earning their desired salary.

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Shana Campbell

Le Haute Spa

Luxury, cannabis-infused spa event concierge that hosts self-care beauty, spa, and holistic wellness experiences directly to you.


Professional & Personal Development

for Young Women Entrepreneurs.

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Call us: 929-346-6556

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