How Social Media Influencers Have Changed the Business Industry


My alarm rings in my ear like a blazing siren. It’s 7:00 am Monday morning and before getting out of bed to start my day I do my morning ritual of taking a few minutes to check the news. No, I don’t check CNN, FOX, or NBC...I check Instagram and I’m not ashamed

to admit it. With almost 500 million daily active users, it seems to be the new normal. Who do I follow you might ask? My fair share of meme accounts, Oprah, and of course Will Smith but on top of those I follow a group of Instagram Influencers.

#Instagram influencers are individuals with a large sphere of influence and a large following, or subscribers, on their Instagram profiles. Due to their following, they have status, are trusted, and can sway the opinions of those who connect with them. It was found

that 60% of people consult social media content to make their purchase before making a decision, it’s clear that Instagram influencers are highly valuable to companies looking to reach a target market. A traditional billboard advertisement online is not engaging like it

used to be. Today, consumers want to be told a story, they want authenticity, and see genuine reactions by a person to promote a product or brand. Instagram Influencers accomplish this by creating their own content which essentially becomes their own brand that followers trust. When sponsored content is introduced, it works together to grow exposure and engagement.

The key takeaway is to research who your customer is and reach them on the platform they are on. Invite them into your brand story through Instagram #Influencers, who truly believe in your brand and want to help your brand succeed.


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