How We Can Improve Education for Black Girls

The public education system is in need of serious reform. Here's how you can make a difference.

Children of color are less likely to be identified as Gifted.

Institutionalized racism is a very real factor within public education. Minority students are 10 times as likely to be promotion in doubt, suspended, and barred from Gifted & Talent programs. The system is seriously flawed and in much need of reform. Here are 5 ways you can lead the charge and make a better future for our girls of color. (#education #reform #girlboss).

1. Challenge injustice laws and contact your local government representatives. If you know of a school with unfair practices, blow the whistle.

2. Mentor a young girl. Utilize your college degree, successful career, and entrepreneurial knowledge to inspire the next generation.

3. Be proactive in your own child's education. Schedule regular meetings with your child's teacher and get involved in the PTA/PTO.

4.Donate to a local school. Many times, schools with a large number of minority students are underfunded. Sponsoring a free lunch for low income students can make all the difference.

5. Volunteer for Career Day. It's true, "you can't be what you don't see". Giving children of color access to different career paths, could spark their interest in engineering, nursing, business management, and more.


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